6 Mar – Mindfulness Course


Finding Inner Peace Through Balancing Our Chakras

From Tues 6th March 2018
7pm – 9pm

“Our chakras reflect the true state of our well-being”
What do your Chakras say about you?

Each week we will focus on one of the seven major chakras.

We will explore the art of mindfulness, how we can incorporate it into our daily lives and absorb the positive benefits.

Using relaxation techniques, we will connect with our main energy centres to explore and identify the message our chakras are communicating to us.

We will discuss the psychology of the chakras; their many representations and how negative feelings affect the energy flow within our centres.

With understanding of the “emotional” syndrome we will discuss the many different healing methods that can be used in chakra therapy.

During the course, we will use colour and crystal healing to restore a harmonious feeling of balance and well-being.

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Investment £90

Vanessa is a qualified hypnotherapist, NLP and reiki practitioner.

Diplomas in Adult Health & Social Care, Advanced Colour Therapy and Dream Analysis

Yoga Ananda Holistic Centre, Albert Road North Industrial Estate, Reigate, Surrey RH2 9EL