Energy Clearing

Are there times when the atmosphere within your home or workplace feels cluttered or dense; even though your environment is not particularly untidy?

Or do you sometimes feel lethargic and sluggish or feel you are unable to think clearly, but you can not understand why?

This is because of the amazing form that is “energy”.

Energy? some people may question. Yes, quite simply energy.

Energy is one of the most fundamental parts of our universe.

Energy can be found in a number of different forms. It can be chemical energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, light or radiant energy, mechanical energy and nuclear energy.

Energy makes everything happen and can be divided into two types; potential energy or ‘stored’ energy and kinetic energy which is ‘moving’ energy.

For each one of us to feel the benefits of a healthy well being, it is important to ensure that both the energy within our physical body and our environment is regularly balanced.

Why it is important to balance our energy levels

The human body as we see it is not only a physical form; there is also the part we can not see, the energy body called “the aura”.

The aura is the energy field around our body that vibrates and connects us to the Universe.

Within the aura and body, there are seven main chakras known as “energy” centres which are placed along the spinal cord, starting from the base to the crown of the head.

The chakras radiate and receive universal energy constantly helping us to keep our mental, spiritual and physical body in balance. The chakras’ fuel is universal energy also called “ki” “chi” or “prana”.

Each one of our chakras’ are connected to specific organs within our physical body. Therefore, should our chakras’ become stored with negative energy, preventing the natural flow of universal energy, we may feel tired or generally out of balance.

Each chakra has it’s own unique individual colour; if the chakra is not radiating it’s natural hue from any one or all of the chakras, this will show there is blocked or negative energy, therefore the individual will not feel in happy equilibrium.

The chakras and their unique colours:

white or violet for the crown chakra
indigo or violet for the third eye chakra
blue for the throat chakra
green and/or pink for the heart chakra
yellow for the solar plexus chakra
orange for the sacral chakra
red for the base chakra

For example, if the solar plexus chakra of an individual is not flowing correctly and radiating the colour yellow; it can manifest as lacking in confidence, or feeling cowardly.

I will communicate with the individual and connect to their chakra to retrieve information that is being stored, cleanse and rebalance the energy centre.

Colour plays an important role in our well being and assists us to understand and rebalance the energy within our holistic selves, which then promotes a healthy well being and positive behaviour.

By using coloured energy from the rainbow spectrum within our environment from its many forms e.g. our clothing, a crystal, an elixir, the sun or a visualisation are gentle, but powerful ways to release blocked or negative energy and rebalance with an empowering and positive energy within our physical body or our environment allowing us to feel completely re-energised.

As well as it being very important to promote a healthy well being, it is equally important to ensure our home and workplace are also cared for “energetically”.

Within our environment, the level of blocked or negative energy will quickly manifest itself and highlight the energy is not “free flowing” when situations arise e.g. “cold” areas appear, a leaky tap or electrical appliances keep fusing.

On occasion, where the temperature within a particular area of a building is considerably lower than elsewhere in the environment, it can also denote there is a spirit of a soul who needs to be moved on.

In connecting with Spirit, I will clear all negative and trapped energy and identify any souls who need to be moved on.

Other factors to take into consideration are the number of persons frequenting or residing in a building and the energy they exhibit.

Balancing  your environmental and personal energy will promote a harmonious sense of well-being .